Jointly organized by Awori Tourism and Dinat Consulting Nig , the concept incorporates a National awareness of our heroes past with a 1-day Workshop on the theme: 1842: PAST, PRESENT AND THE FUTURE.

Awori Grassroots Table Tennis Commission (AGTTC)


 AGTTC is to establish grassroots developmental table tennis clubs that seeks to ultimately develop indigenous talents that will fly the flag of Otta on the national and international scenes. Beyond development, the competitions of the clubs will go a long way in making Otta a destination for sports tourists.

Ota Through Your Lenses


 Let’s take another look at Ota. Let’s see dimensions of the town like never before seen; bold, fresh, exciting and alluring, through your lens. Take us to places little known in Ota or reinterpret well-known places for us. Help us capture for posterity the allure of this unfolding city. The contrasts and contradistinctions. The traditional and modern. The ancient and the emerging new vistas. Whatever catches your fancy, there is a category for you and your interest.

Awori Day


 The Drive comes alive in green, white and green once again as Awori Day returns for its 1st edition, this year celebrating community, but has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  Until June 2021. A vibrant cultural street festival spanning many blocks of embracing warmth and more, the event celebrates Awori culture and heritage with a community of over 100 communities participants, including partners, merchants and guest vendors, and an estimated 300,000+ attendees of all ages and cultures.  BE PART OF IT. Experience our Culture, Hear our Beat.

Art Exhibition



Ekaabo Travel Market



Awori Food Exhibition