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Awori Tourism Youth Development Initiative (ATYDI) recognizes the value of mentoring in ensuring competent future leadership of the tourism industry. The Youth Mentorship for Tourism Program aims to provide students and/or young professionals interested in working in any area of the Tourism Industry the opportunity to work with experienced industry professionals (mentors) who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge. The Program will match Nigerian students and/or young professionals with an appropriate experienced professional in a specific area (based on the mentee’s interest), which may lead to employment at the mentor’s place of business.

Goals of the Youth Mentorship For Tourism Program

The goals of the program are to:

  • Provide opportunities for students interested in tourism to meet and observe experienced professionals in a given tourism sector at work.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to learn and be mentored by potential employers in tourism for the purpose of direct employment.
  • Provide the resources to interested tourism businesses willing to mentor students and/or young professionals interested in their sector of tourism for the purpose of employment.
  • Provide students and/or young professionals the opportunity to network with more experienced professionals in the different sectors of the tourism industry.
Program Tourism Definition

For the purpose of this Program, the definition of a tourism business is a business that relies on travellers for a significant portion of its income. For the purpose of this fund, the aviation industry is excluded from this definition of tourism.

Program Priority Areas

The following areas are the priorities of the Program:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Tourism Operations Management
  • Educational Tour/ Lodge Operations
  • Outdoor Adventure Operations
  • Community Tourism Development, Planning and Operation
  • Tourism Product Packaging and Pricing
  • Parks Operations and Management
  • Interpretive Skills and Programming
Benefits of the Program
  • Networking opportunities;
  • Gaining employability skills for the industry;
  • Learning about or gaining advanced knowledge of the tourism structure;
  • Gaining professional development experience;
  • Developing a professional relationship with someone who:
    • Is a source of knowledge for projects, events, etc.;
    • Can provide professional guidance (i.e. job searches, resume writing, interview preparation);
    • Is a role model within the industry; and
  • Opportunity for long-term guidance.
Program Structure

In addition to getting mentees acquainted with the different aspects of the tourism industry, the Program also aims to encourage, where possible, employment at the place of business of the mentors. As such, there are two program streams.

Stream 1: Industry Awareness

This stream aims to provide opportunities for students and young professionals to gain knowledge and experience in the industry for a period of no less than three months. This process will involve visits by mentees to their mentor’s place of business.

Stream 2: Path to Employment

The aim of stream 2 is to provide an opportunity for the mentees to learn and acquire specific skills in an area of their choice with the goal of employment at the mentor’s place of business.

Mentee Requirements

To be eligible for the Program a person needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a resident of  Nigerian State;
  • Must be less than 18 years old, but no younger than 13;
  • If older than 18, must be able to show proof of employment in tourism to qualify as a young professional; and
  • If older than 18, and not a young professional, must provide a motivation letter for admission into the Program. The motivation letter should address why the applicant wants to be mentored, how the mentorship will help them and what they plan to do after the mentorship.
Mentor Requirements

Mentors will have to meet the following criteria to be considered for the program:

  • Should be experienced successful tourism industry professionals;
  • Must have worked in the tourism industry for at least five years;
  • Willing to make time available for their mentees and commit to meet with their “protégé” frequently during the mentorship process;
  • Understand the skills and tools required to be a mentor;
  • Be open to further developing their mentoring skills;
  • Understand the legal and ethical requirements of mentoring;
  • Be able to ensure mentees understand what they can expect from the mentoring process;
  • Be able to create an environment in which mentees will feel at ease;
  • Be able to communicate effectively with mentees;
  • Be able to help mentees identify their real needs and priorities;
  • Be able to encourage mentees to develop the confidence, understanding and skills to meet their personal and business objectives; and
  • Be able to help mentees manage a program of activity that develops their confidence, understanding and skills.

Interested mentors will be required to fill out a registration form, and submit a resume, to become a Awori Tourism Youth Mentor. The selection and approval of mentors will be completed in a timely manner by (ATYDI).

Program Ethics
  • Mentors and mentees must agree to the terms outlined by (ATYDI)  before the start of the process.
  • Mentors and mentees will jointly, and in confidence, decide on what issues to address during the course of the relationship, subject to the program guidelines.
  • Respect should be given to the privacy and confidentiality of mentor and mentee information.


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For more information, Please send us an email at mentorship@aworitourism.org